Salado, Texas
Shahcolate Bey Ma
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Shahcolate Bey Ma
AHA Reg. #0447284 SCID Clear

Shahcolate Bey Ma quietly in his own way has been an ambassador for the Arabian Horse. Bred and born to be
a National Caliber performance horse,
Shahcolate at the age of 4 in his second show qualified himself for the
Region 9 Western Pleasure Championships in Junior Horse and Amateur by winning his Amateur Class ( 8 horses
in the class ) and placing second in the Junior Horse ( 8 horses in the class ) Shahcolate had only been under
saddle 4 months at this point (May 1993).

Shahcolate winning a Western Pleasure class                  Shahcolate being ponied on the ranch

But instead of continuing down the show horse road Shahcolate left the show ring in 1994 and fell out of sight
of the Arabian horse industry.  Living on a cutting horse/cattle ranch from 1992 thru 2000.
Shahcolate earned
the admiration and respect of Quarter Horse owners and trainers for his cow sense, quiet temperament, beauty, and
great heart.   Many a blacksmith had to be reminded he was a stallion while he stood tied quietly among Quarter
Horse mares, gelding and stallions.  

 Ranch Stuff                    10 Year old Madison and 25 Year old Shahcoltate March 2014

During these years Shahcolate spent his time working cattle, being a ranch horse and used often as a trail and
the occasional Dressage lesson horse.  In 1996
Shahcolate was used on the 13,000 acre Brushy Hill Game
Ranch in Sabinal, Texas as the lead horse in their mounted wild hog hunts.   Once again Shahcolate proved that
the Arabian horse is up to any challenge, during a hunt a 400 pound hog was shot deep in the brush,
was the only horse in the hunting group willing to fight his way through the thorny brush and approach the dead
 Shahcolate then dragged the hog back thru the brush to the open road.  Every one that witnessed this event
agreed that if they hadn’t seen an Arabian do it they would not have believed it.

Picture of Buck, Shahcolate's Best Friend of 17 years.
Buck passed away in April 2009 and is greatly missed, he was 26 years old.

After 13 years of obscurity in the Arabian Horse Industry Shahcolate reentered the show ring as a Cutting Horse
with very little training in August of 2007, by the end of October 2007
Shahcolate had been named 2007 US
Champion for most Money Earned Non-Pro Novice Cutting Horse and a US Top Five in the open Novice Horse.

Shahcolate's first Cutting Show August 2007                  

I am laughing because of what you cannot see in this picture. They were flapping a big plastic bag in front
Shahcolate trying to get him to put his ears up but he just ignored it, we all gave up on the idea, Shahcolate was
just being himself once again proving Arabians are not crazy

2007 also proved his worth as a sire his daughter Coco’s Little Missle+/ was named a US Top Ten in the Cow
Horse Futurity and in 2008 she was named US Reserve National Champion AOTR Working Cow Horse and in
2009 was the National Champion AOTR Working Cow Horse as well as earning her Legion of Supreme Honor at
the age of 7.  Her brother
Coco Polene+// solidified Shahcolate’s ability to produce when he was named a
2008 US Top Ten Futurity Working Cow Horse and in 2011, 2012 & 2013 was the US National Champion in
AOTR Working Cow Horse as well as the 2013 US National Champion Open Working Cow Horse.
His son Coco Lucerro was a US Top Ten AOTR Working Cow Horse in 2011 & 2012.
His daughter
Coco's Gaollan Drena was a US Top Ten in the Cow Horse Futurity in 2011 & US Top Ten AOTR
Working Cow Horse in 2012.

I get asked occasionally how TS horses learn that roll back stop on cattle.   Pictured below is
showing one of his favorite moves loose in the field "roll backs" and the second picture is his daughter
Cocos Little Missle+/ doing what she does best. Go figure.

Shahcolate Bey Ma continues to prove Arabians can be all around Tough, Beautiful and Gentle horses and as a
sire he brings it all, Beauty, Temperament, Substance, Athletic Ability, Toughness and most of all Heart, his Pedigree
speaks for its self. Take a look at what this Quiet Beautiful Stallion can do for your breeding Program.

Salado, Texas
Shahcolate checking cows at home on
the ranch
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